Who are We and What We Do

Founded in 2016, Alba Inc. is a Vancouver based career consulting company aimed to kickstart new immigrants and international students in Canada’s careers! At Alba, our main service is the Career Engagement Program.

The Career Engagement Program:

The Career Engagement Program is targeted towards newly grads or new immigrants having difficulties finding a job. What sets us apart from other employment agencies or career consultants is that we will be there with you throughout the entire process of you looking for a job to you completing your probation period. To find out more about a program tailored to you, contact one of our career consultants here.

So how does our process with you look like?

  1. Career Positioning to work with us in determining what is your dream career. Next, we will look at your interests, skills, and experiences and how these skills and experiences come into play in terms of your dream career. Our career consultants will help you create a career profile, walk you through your current career options and possible career paths that will lead you to your ultimate career goals. The entire process of career positioning will take between 1 to 2 weeks. At the end of these two weeks, we would have determined the skills and experiences you need to reach your final career goal. As well as which positions are currently best suited for you to help you develop and build skills that will eventually help you achieve your career goals.
  2. Personal Branding After we’ve identified your career positioning, we will move on to building your personal brand and portfolio. In this step of our program, our career consultants focus on strengthening your resume and cover letters. Furthermore, we will teach you how to maintain your personal brand. Together, we will determine what are your key strengths, as well as how to compile a comprehensive and effective cover letter and resume. An interviewer often doesn’t spend more than 1 minute looking through your resume and cover letter. Therefore, it is essential that we help you determine what sets you apart from other candidates and present that information evidently. This process will often take between 1 to 3 weeks.
  3. Job Searching The next step once we have built a strong profile for you is to find suitable jobs that both fit your experience level and your interest. On average, a newly grad student takes about 3 to 6 months to land their first job, and 73% of students don’t even work in a field related to their major. At Alba, we will take 2 to 3 weeks to not only help you find jobs that match your profile, but we will also teach you how to find jobs and strategically match your resume to the job description to maximize your success rate!
  4. Interview Acing Following a job search comes one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps, interviews. Our consultants will not only provide you with common interview questions in your specific fields. We will also help run mock interviews with you. Together we will analyze your strengths and your weaknesses as well as what you need to improve on and how. We will go over how a recruiter may assess your performance and what adjustments you need to make to leave a great first impression. Additionally, we will be there to support you in writing follow-up emails and rejecting or accepting an offer. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.
  5. On-boarding Integration Lastly, the dark horse that sets us apart from other career consulting agencies, the on-boarding process. Many employees think once they are hired, they are in the safe, but they forget that there is often a probation period that lasts between three to six months! It is estimated that 50% of all external hires are fired from their job within 18 months on the job. This is because many of these recruits may not have adapted well to the culture, value, or workload of their respective companies. Our consultants will be there with you for your probation period. We will teach you the attitude, knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to effectively and smoothly transition into your new organization.

One of our other programs is targeted towards students, named the Credit Exchange Program.

The Credit Exchange Program:

This program is targeted towards students currently studying at Universities and would like to complete an exchange program here in Canada. Alba Inc. has completed 27 Credit Exchange Programs between China and Canada-based universities, colleges, and school districts. We have recruited more than 100 international students each year for programs with leading Canadian institutions, including UBC, Mount Royal University, and Douglas College. For the full list of our exchange school or for more information about this program, please contact one of our career consultants here.



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