How to Write a Thank You E-mail

Why Write a Thank You E-mail?

Sending your interviewer a thank you email is a simple yet important step many interviewees overlook. However, recruiters appreciate it when interviewees remember to show their gratitude. Often, it boosts their chances of securing the job. Sadly three out of four interviewees forget to send such an email. According to a survey conducted by Monster, only 24% of recruiters receive thank you emails post interviews. However, over 80% of recruiters agree that thank-you notes are helpful when reviewing candidates.

When to Send

Is it weird to send a thank you note right after your interview? Typically our consultants at Alba recommend our candidates to send a thank-you note 30 minutes to an hour after their interview. But should also be within 24 hours of their interview. This way, the recruiters would still have you fresh in their minds and know who you are.


If you’ve had multiple interviews, we would recommend that you customize each thank you message accordingly. Do not send interviewers all the same messages. Personalized emails often show that you’re more genuine and care more about the positions. Ensure that the email you’re using to send thank you notes is the same as the email you used to apply for the job, or else recruiters may have difficulties identifying you.

How Long Should it be?

When writing your thank you note, it does not need to be a whole paragraph or two. In fact, try to keep it under 3-5 sentences. Recruiters don’t want to be reading long paragraphs after they’ve already read through a few hundred resumes and cover letters. Therefore, it is most effective if you just got to the pointed, showed your gratitude.

Writing Style

Your writing style for your thank you email should be formal and professional. You should not include any emojis, slang, or abbreviations (i.e. :-), btw). Make sure your sentences have proper punctuation and that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Remember, you are still talking to a possible employer even after your interview, so be professional.



I would like to thank you again for taking the time out of your day to chat with me today. I really enjoyed learning more about the company and the job especially ABC. I’m looking forward to hearing from you again, and feel free to email me any time with any questions or concerns.

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