90-Day Job Offer
In starting your dream career

Time is Valuable

Goodpreparationcan save 70% of your time during a job search.
From day 1, we find you the best way.
hours consulted

In the past five years, ALBA has brought together outstanding advisors from various industries to provide over 9,800 hours of employment consultation and skills training for our clients.

entry-positions served

No experience? Don’t worry--Alba uses a personalized system to record & analyze each client’s interview & employment situation and optimize their job searching process.


Opportunity awaits those who are prepared

15 days of comprehensive preparation
We equip you with the perfect resume, best interview techniques, and more.

hours of training

The Alba client management system shows that every job-seeker has received at least 7200 minutes of training for their interviews.

Every second counts. Let’s perfect your 20-minute interview.

Resumes written

At Alba, our relationship goes beyond 90 days. We are invested in your entire future.

Our team helps revise & optimize your resume so you understand how to create the perfect one.

Our networkis also yours

Industrial mentorspave the way asprofessional references. We use our network of connections to create opportunities for you.
interview invitations

Our data indicates that Alba career consultants have obtained more than 7200 interview invitations for our job-seekers

Industrial mentors

ALBA has more than 260 mentors come from various fields such as finance, engineering, IT, human resources, and many others, providing professional industry knowledge and the latest job search resources to help you succeed.


Our consultants help you prepare and perfect forsuccess.

Stand out from the crowd. Secure your bestoffer
Interviews passed

With the help of Alba career consultants, our clients have passed over 2100 job interviews thus far.

We make every effort to prepare you for the best outcome.

interview passing rate

According to ALBA ERP management statistics. the average passing rate of all interviews prepared by ALBA in 2021 is as high as 73%

90 days and nights, career dreams come true

Kickstart your career & land the perfect job within 90 days
With us by your side during the probation period, your future is guaranteed

Offers accumulated

In the past five years, ALBA job-seekers have obtained more than 3000 offers. We have helped more than 600 clients realize their dreams in the workplace.

Satisfied Job-Seekers

Through Alba’s 90-day onboarding program, more than 600 outstanding students have joined the workforce. Our alumni network can help you get the job you want.

We find ways.
90 DAYS OFFER Guaranteed

Spend 90 days with one of our career advisors to master the art of job searching. Receive more interviews and find more success when meeting hiring managers. Contact ALBA Inc.’s job advisor today.