Companies Are Still Hiring Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis came without warning. It suddenly appeared to us, bringing its share of challenges, both for employers and employees. Business managers have to juggle financial constraints, forcing them to take drastic and severe measures to ensure the organization’s survival.

COVID-19’s Affect on the Job Markets

Unfortunately, many people are currently unemployed. While some companies find themselves in a situation completely opposite to that which you experienced, that is to say, the famous shortage of labor. Currently, the pool of available workers is increasing significantly. Employers who will have the resources to hire staff in the coming weeks, if not months, will be able to turn to people on employment insurance.

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Companies that sorted applications manually should take the opportunity to discover new technologies, especially platforms with algorithms. This technology makes it possible to sort applications much faster. Thus, the time allocated to the hiring processes would now be optimized and faster.

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We will most likely witness a metamorphosis in recruitment methods, particularly in terms of interviews that can be carried out using different software, such as Skype, Zoom, or Teams. This is a trend that was already emerging before the start of the crisis when it will surely become common practice.

Where To Look For Work During A Pandemic?

Most of the new jobs for job seekers are actually a reflection of the world’s changing needs. For instance, since more people are turning to online ordering to avoid in-person shopping, Amazon is looking to hire people for its fulfillment centers and delivery workers. Instacart is hiring thousands of workers to assist with the high demand for grocery delivery. And as more people foster and adopt dogs while sheltering in place, companies like Chewy see increased demand for their products.

Driving-related jobs are plentiful; FedEx is hiring thousands of people, Pizza Hut is hiring people as well as Kroger is looking to hire 20,000 employees.

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Companies Hiring for Customer Service Roles amid COVID

Walmart: Workers are needed for distribution and fulfillment centers.

Ace Hardware: More employees are needed for operation in stores.

Lowe’s: Other thousands of workers are needed to meet the increased demand in the company.

Walgreens: More employees are expected to be hired for a mix of permanent and temporary roles in the company.

Chewy: More employees will be hired due to the increase in demand for their products.

PepsiCo: More employees are needed in the next few months.

Fidelity Investments: More new positions, with the majority of them being licensed representatives, customer service representatives, and financial consultants are needed.

Capital One: More than a thousand new roles need to be filled across the United States.

Apple: Be one of the new employees the company needs.

The CDC Foundation: More positions need to be filled for the nonprofit organization.

Companies Hiring for Office-Based Work amid COVID

According to, the top job’s board in Western Canada, the number of companies hiring for office-based work has been increasing recently. Some of the companies hiring more than 10 positions include:

  1. ScotiaBank
  2. AbCellera
  3. Amazon
  4. Thinkific
  5. BCAA
  6. Aritzia
  7. AbeBooks
  8. Fortinet
  9. Northern Health
  10. Shoppers Drug Mart

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This is just a snapshot of the firms hiring across the country and US; there are many small businesses and other firms hiring people at the local level to keep vital services flowing into communities.

As millions of people are losing their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak, many states have started to lift or relax their shelter-in-place guidelines. For those out of work, this could give a much-needed boost to your job search.



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