Case Study: Julia

At Alba, we help our clients get jobs. To better explain our process, we have composed a series of case studies. The first case study will be about Julia.

Julia is a recent UBC Human Resources and Operations and Logistics double major graduate. She’s had experience as a retail sales representative, office administrator, and a fin-tech company’s client on-boarding representative. She decided to seek out Alba’s services because she wanted a full-time job in the HR field; however, she has had no relevant work experience in HR.

Whenever Alba takes on a new client, our consultants will conduct mock interviews to determine each client’s strengths and weaknesses. Immediately our consultants noticed that Julia is very detail-oriented; she selects great questions to ask and shows genuine curiosity towards the responsibilities of the position. She is also skilled in identifying crucial information and utilizes her listening skills to find engaging and interesting conversation topics. However, her biggest disadvantage was her lack of experience in the HR field and her limited industry knowledge.

Therefore, the first thing Alba’s career consultants did was to edit her resume. They met with Julia and asked her to describe her three past work experiences and responsibilities in detail. Together, they determined the transferable skills that would help her achieve a position in the HR industry. For every interview that Julia received, our career consultants will sit down with Julia before the interview to prepare her and afterward to go through the questions she was asked. They would help her analyze each question and determine what she did great on and what she could improve on or reword. Our consultants also helped Julia realize that she doesn’t need the exact technical skills required in a HR job description to achieve a HR role. Instead, she just needed to convey her experience, her transferable skills, and her soft skills to the recruiters and allow them to see that she has the potential and the foundations required for the HR position.

After just over two months with Alba, Julia received an offer from Tundra Solutions – a Talent Management company. Julia now works there as Tundra’s On-boarding Expert with an annual salary between 40,000 – 50,000 dollars. As a parting word, our consultants would like readers to know that it is not impossible to make a career transition. You simply need to recognize your value, passion, and skills!

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