7 Ways to Feel “Normal” Again While Working at Home

During the Covid19 Pandemic, many companies chose to work remotely for the safety of their employees and staff. At first, everyone was excited to wake up 30 mins before work instead of an hour and a half. Everyone thought work in their sweats and t-shirt was far more comfortable than having to put on a dress shirt and pants. However, it’s now been almost a year of working from home, video calling colleagues, and wearing sweats. We’re all a little tired of it. So how can we regain some motivation and feel more “normal” in our day to day work life? Here are 7 tips we’ve compiled that really helped us stay motivated and feel normal.

1. Declutter and Decorate Your Work Space

Decluttering your workspace can often be refreshing, especially if you have a hectic day. An organized workspace means that no matter how chaotic work gets, your workspace will be clean and structured to your likings. Aside from decluttering, also decorate your workspace. Buy some lights off Amazon, put up a picture frame, buy new pens and pencils. Make your workspace somewhere you look at and think, “I would like to work there!”

2. Get dressed and fix yourself up before work Get dressed up and be creative, and have a little fun with it! Don’t just throw on your sweats or jeans. Plan out your look the night before. Do a series of outfits, for example, for the month of January dress-up as different outfit Rachel from Friends have worn. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to do your hair, put on make-up, perfume, and jewelry. You would feel much more motivated when you know you look good.

3. Go for a walk during lunch time

Being in a house the entire day 24/7 can be stuffy, confined, and boring. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, do some errands, or run during your lunch break, especially if the weather is nice! Fresh air is always a good idea, and it will allow you to get up from your desk and move around a little.

4. Put away your work After work, put away your laptop. I know it’s difficult because most of our friends and our lives are on social media nowadays; however, we live off-line. One trick I found to be useful is to physically leave my laptop in a desk drawer until I need it again. It is important to separate work life and your life so that you will not feel constantly drained.

5. Do none digital activities In this time and age, more than ever we rely on our computers and phones, which is why it is important to do non-digital activities to rest our eyes and minds after work. Cook dinner with a loved one, bake something for the family, read a book, or paint! Try and do at least one activity after work that does not involve your telephone, computer, or TV. This will help you feel less tiresome and more present in your daily life.

6. Work in different rooms Change up your work environment! Work in your backyard, the living room, or on your bed. Stand up and use the kitchen countertop so that you can stretch your legs and your back. Even if you live in a small apartment, work on the balcony if it’s nice weather out. Switch from the dining table to the bedroom table. You would be surprised how much even a small change in your work environment can energize you.

7. Buy a plant or two Another way to decorate the house and clear your mind is to buy some plants or flowers. I remember when I was younger, my mom used to say, “If you are ever tired from doing work or studying, just look at something green.” I’m not sure if this tactic scientifically works but having plants around the house can boost your energy. Furthermore, for those who live in apartments that do not allow pets or do not have the time/money for pets. Plants are a great alternative!

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I hope these tips help you destress, feel energized, motivated, and a little more normal during these difficult times. For those looking for a job visit Alba Inc. or follow us on Instagram.



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